La Ferme de Borgirault

Excursions on horseback

Excursions on horseback…

Hiring a horse

At Borgirault you can hire a horse and go riding by yourself if you wish. This is conditional on you first going on an evaluation ride accompanied by one of our staff. Horses may be rented between 09:00 to 18:00 hours.

Horse and carriage excursions

Did you know that we also offer horse and carriage excursions through our wonderful deciduous forests? Ride in a high quality marathon carriage with pneumatic suspension and hydraulic brakes for optimal comfort as you travel through the Burgundy landscape. Our coach has place for five guests.

Pony rides

Our smallest guests (from three years old) can gain their first experience riding our reliable Shetland ponies. Normally parents walk the ponies by the bridle. You can borrow a pony for half a day if you wish – please contact a member of staff to arrange this.