Living in France…

Making holiday, celebrating parties, hosting workshops – on the Ferme de Borgirault we offer the suitable setting

We offer the following possibilities:

La Bergerie

Residence for groups and holidays

La Grange

Guest house
Conference room

La Petite Maison

Holiday house

Living in France


You will eat together with the other guests at big tables – typical French. Everything is prepared caringly, with only the best ingredients, fresh fruits and vegetables (partly grown on the farm or the farm next door). We emphasize a balanced and healthy diet and delicious French delicacies with baguette, marmalade and a lunch and dinner with three courses and cheeseboard. We do our best to fulfill your wishes and ideas (e. g. vegetarian food or allergies).

Our fees…

Accomodation: 30€ per night and person.
Catering: half board: 25€ per person; full board: 35€ per person; reduction for children.
(updated 2021 / Information without liablity. Current fees upon request.)

Living in France